What To Expect
February 8, 2017, 12:00 AM

What To Expect on Sunday Morning


When you pull into the parking lot and make your way into the sanctuary, you will be greeted at the curb. Once you enter the front doors, you will be handed a guide on what the plans for the service are that day as well as upcoming events. Once you come in and find a good seat, worship will begin. Our church worship style is majority modern worship with a mix of hymns. After the song set, our pastor preaches a message and then invites the congregation to respond, and then we go home. It's simple! 


If you have children ages 4 - 3rd Grade, they will be able to attend Children's Church after worship and before the sermon.  It's a service setup in the Children's Building with singing and a kid-friendly lesson. If you prefer to have your children stay in the sanctuary with you, that is great as well.  When it is time to dismiss, you will see a slide with the FBC KIDS logo up front.


If you have smaller children, we have nursery care available from birth to 4 years.  Our nursery is located in the Children's Building.  We have a check-in system when you walk in and someone will direct you to the nursery (Birth - 2 years) or preschool (2-3 years) classroom.  You can speed along your first time check-in process by printing and filling out your registration information and bringing it with you.